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We are the oldest existing school of Polish as a foreign language in Poznań.

We work using textbooks based on our own methodology.

We teach practical Polish.

We speak Polish, we don’t just talk about Polish.

We speak Polish from the very beginning.

Language bridging is used only when necessary

We teach smart or slow.

Quick and specific, or more careful and analytical.

We show you contemporary Poland.

We’ll motivate you to learn about the country and its people.

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Meet our experienced staff.


My teaching journey is one of the most important journeys of my life. I have been teaching since 2003. I teach at the Medical University of Poznań.


My teaching adventure is still a constant source of energy for me. I've been teaching since the year 2000.


I have been teaching German since 2000 and I have been teaching Polish since 2010. I teach online and in person, in companies and at home, at various levels, from A1 to B2, group and individual courses.


I have been running Polish language courses for foreigners since 2013. The courses vary in terms of the level of knowledge of the Polish language and intensity.


My teaching journey began a bit by accident, then turned into a dream profession. I have been teaching since 2018, including 2 years in Poland, and from 2020 in Slovenia. Previously only in person, now also online.


My teaching adventure continues to this day. I have been teaching since 2014, and since 2000 I have been teaching foreigners, online and in person. Individual and group courses. Teaching makes me happy and gives me great satisfaction.


My teaching journey began with a review of a textbook for teaching Polish. Then, out of curiosity, I signed up for postgraduate studies. I have been teaching since 2019, I run group and individual courses, Slavic and others.


My teaching journey seems to have been going on forever. Even at school, I helped my friends with learning. Then it turned into work. I have been teaching since 2017. Polish as a foreign language since 2021. Mainly in person.


My teaching journey began five years ago - I’m teaching others, but I’m also learning constantly. Each year brings new conundrums and it's beautiful! I have been teaching since 2018. I teach Polish individually (in person and online).


My teaching adventure is related to the passion of meeting new people and cultures, discovering the world through people, and people through language. I have been teaching Polish since 2019. I run group and individual courses for adults and children, online and in person for people of different nationalities.


My teaching journey is an ongoing adventure. I have 2 years’ experience in Primary School and 30 years in High School.


I have been teaching English since 2015. In person and remotely. I run courses tailored to the client's needs: general language, business language, preparation for the matura exam and eighth grader exam. My priority is speaking!


I have been teaching Business English since 2022 for ‘Polish for You’. I am a qualified and experienced teacher from Great Britain. I have been teaching English online to children and adults since 2021.

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