About us

Justyna and Karolina
was created out of friendship and passion for teaching. In the summer of 2010, having a few years of teaching experience behind, we decided to do something together, as we like each other and we think alike.
Giving language to people, a tool which enables them to be open towards Poland and Poles, makes us happy and continuously inspires us. We take joy in meetings with foreigners and their progress motivates us to constantly develop ourselves.
We follow the rule, where in order to teach fast and successfully, every lesson must be thought over and prepared very well. We use course books, but we also supplement this work with authentic materials.
We speak Polish from the very beginning of our classes, what helps the learners to assimilate the language in natural situations. We are always open to the needs and goals of our students.
Polish For You is a mobile school.
We save your time!
We come to your destination, your office, flat, or, if you prefer, we can organize classes in the center of Poznań.