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Polish Cafe ®

Polish Cafe is an event held by us in Poznań during which you get the opportunity to meet Polish native speakers ready to talk only in Polish with you. You also get a chance to meet other foreigners and share your learning experience about learning Polish and living in Poland.

Meetings in Pora Dnia are led by Karolina – an experienced language teacher who is there to guide, advise, and help you and also to provide different types of language tasks and games. Karolina will meet you at the entrance and tell you what to do:) We meet twice a month, on Fridays, at 6.00-7:30 pm at Pora Dnia (a downtown coffee shop – Wilda district, Poznań).

Polish Cafe meetings you will find in other locations too. Details below.


The current schedule of Polish Cafe meetings in Poznań

We also invite you to visit our social media and join the Poznań Polish Cafe group.

07.06 (piątek), 18.00

PORA DNIA, ul. Różana 15 (koordynacja Polish For You)

12.06 (środa), 18.00

MAKARON, ul. Nałkowskiej U3, entrance from Botaniczna (koordynacja Fundacja Wyobraźniej)

15.06 (sobota), 18.30

BILLABOOM, ul. Mickiewicza 32 (koordynacja Emilia i Oksana)

21.06 (piątek), 18.00

PORA DNIA, ul. Różana 15 (koordynacja Polish For You)

26.06 (środa), 18.00

MAKARON, ul. Nałkowskiej U3, entrance from Botaniczna (koordynacja Fundacja Wyobraźniej)

29.06 (sobota), 18.30

BILLABOOM, ul. Mickiewicza 32 (koordynacja Emilia i Oksana)

Why was Polish Cafe established?

I live in Poland but don’t have a chance to speak Polish! Nobody around is patient enough to speak Polish with me! I want to practice my Polish outside the classroom! I’m too shy to start speaking Polish with anybody other than my teacher. 

Is it one of the reasons you don’t feel comfortable speaking Polish? Because for us this is what we’ve heard many times (too many times!) from people who are learning Polish… And this is how we got the idea of creating the Polish Cafe in March 2019.



Special meetings (picnics, breakfast in the garden) last longer.



There are always more foreigners than Poles at the meetings.



Polish Cafe meetings are becoming more and more popular.


participants come on average

We started with about 20 people. The busiest meetings were attended by about 70 people.


Can you imagine a better place to practice your Polish skills?

Polish Café is a meeting place for people who are currently learning (all levels are welcome), would like to learn, or are returning to learning Polish. It’s also a place where you will learn a lot about Polish people and Polish culture. We meet here to talk in Polish but also to support, inspire and get to know each other in a friendly atmosphere.

We focus on learning in an easy-going way: through meeting new people, listening to fascinating stories, asking and answering surprising questions, and exercising our brains. We believe that this way we can connect with people, challenge stereotypes and overcome prejudice.

Can anyone come to Polish Cafe?

Yes, anyone can come. You don't have to be a student of ours. You can be a complete beginner.

Do I need to know English to participate in Polish Cafe?

No! Not knowing English is actually an advantage 🙂

Do I have to pay to take part in Polish Cafe?

Polish Cafe is free. This is a kind of mission: the promotion of the Polish language and culture and the integration of the inhabitants of Poznań and newcomers from around the world. Everyone brings something, gives something, but also takes something. Therefore, admission is free.

What goes on at Polish Cafe?

We speak Polish. We play games. We meet new people. We eat cakes and drink coffee.

When you come to Polish Cafe for the first time….

We will greet you at the door, talk briefly with you, tell you what to do next and direct you to the table. Starter questions and language games will be waiting for you there. We will be there the whole time to coordinate the meeting and to assist you.

Can I take my children to Polish Cafe?

Of course! They are welcome!

Is Polish Cafe only in Poznań in "Pora dnia" coffeeshop?

No! You can take part in Polish Cafe:
1. in other locations in Poznań. Detailed information can be found on our social media.
2. in Warsaw, Warszawa Polish Cafe
3. in Katowice, Polish Cafe Katowice
4. in Buenos Aires, Polaco Cafe
5. in Kyiv
6. in Budapest, Polish for foreigners Polish for Hungarians
7. in Praha, Polish Cafe Praha

Organize your own Polish Cafe!

Do you want to organize a Polish Cafe in your city? Download the starter pack ebook. We will help you create a Polish Cafe!

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