Our SHORT POLISH LESSONS is the complete & smart Polish langauage course and it is meant for all those who would like to learn Polish on your own – step by step in a smart way. You can also use it as a review for what you’ve learned so far.

95% of the content is in Polish (explained by context, pictures, symbols, photos, synonyms, idioms, etc.). This is how we teach since many years and this is (in our opinion and based on our expierence) best way to learn a language. This is not only excellent way but fun and exciting as well! Just enjoy the process, discover meanings and rules on your own. We will guide and support you in your Polish journey!

SHORT POLISH LESSONS part 1 is for beginners and leads up to A1.1 level. Next step is SHORT POLISH LESSONS part 2 (A.1 up to A1.2 / A2.1)

We encourage you to join our fb group – our supportive community. With such a team learning Polish will be piece of cake! Check our fb profile or search Polish For You group.

All lessons you will find on our YT channel:

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SHORT POLISH LESSONS are also related to the textbook “A dlaczego?” by Karolina Sołtowska. You can use it as a short review or to make up for the missed class.

Feel free to write answers for the open questions below.

We are open for your doubts and needs.

Number of each part is the number of lesson (first number) and the number of the part (second number), for example:

No. 7.1 means it is lesson 7 from part 1 of the course.

No. 7.2 means it is lesson 7 from part 2 of the course.

Part 1 covers topics from the beginners level up to level A1.1.

Part 2 covers topics from the level A1.1 up to level A1.2 (can include some topics from level A2 too).

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